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Mixing Review

Measuring Mixing

Theoretical “guidance”

Mixing Measurements

CLEO enlivened this subject considerably...

Required sensitivity to compete with CLEO

FOCUS has adequate statistics to do this!

FOCUS is well configured for this measurement

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Segmented target

Proper time resolution

Cerenkov Performance

Skim Strategy with minimal time bias

Fixed target lifetime techniques

Dealing with backgrounds(non-parametrically)

Fitting technique

Obtaining very clean signals

Varying the clean-up cuts

D?KK signal for several cleanups

Monte Carlo Corrections

Time evolutions

Subtracted time evolution


Do lifetimes

Consistency of D* and full sample

Additional checks

Comparisons to CLEO and E791

Phase ambiguity

Search for CP asymmetry in charm decay

Tagging and asymmetry ratios

CP violation search (D?KK)

CP violation search (D+?KK?)

CP asymmetry results



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Other information:
Talk given at a CERN seminar on May 22nd, 2000